4 Tips For Safe Travel During Your Bangkok Vacation

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Add Date: 29.06.2019
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  • Bangkok, Where Exotic Adventure Meets Refined Relaxation

    Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is perhaps one of the most exotic cities in the world. With a population of nine million people, the citys blend of traditional culture and modern commerce attracts millions to this eastern metropolis every year. From its spectacular temples to extensive waterways, vibrant nightlife to incredible shopping, traveling in Bangkok promises to be an adventure you wont soon forget. Four days is hardly enough time to explore this magnificent city; but by carefully planning your trip, you can enjoy every minute of your stay and come away with tales to tell.

    Temples and Palaces

    • Thailands Ayutthaya temples and palaces are world renown for their beauty and splendor, making them a must-see on your expedition. Bangkoks Grand Palace, built by King Rama I in 1782, should be first and foremost on your list. By taking a guided tour of this majestic complex, youll gain a greater appreciation of the Palace and its rich history.

      While there, visit Phra Kaew Morakot, the highly revered 15th century emerald Buddha located on the same Palace grounds. Wat Pho (temple of the Reclining Buddha), the largest Buddha sculpture in the city, and Wat Traimits (temple of the Golden Buddha ), a three meter statue constructed of pure gold, are two prominent sites you wont want to miss. You can combine your temple trip with a riverboat cruise down the Chao Phraya River to Thailands former capital of Ayutthaya, home of many of the countrys ancient temples and ruins.

    Siam Niramit

    • Through the spectacular theatrical performance of Siam Niramit, you can catch a glimpse of Thailands rich and colorful heritage. This 80 minute stage production features a cast of over 150 Thai performers taking you on a journey through seven centuries of Thai history to include artistic traditions, spiritual beliefs and lively holiday celebrations. Youll be mesmerized by the shows striking scenery, lavish costumes and incredible special effects.

    Khao Yai National Park

    • Khaho Yai National Park, roughly 108 miles northeast of Bangkok, lets you experience beautiful landscapes, exotic foods and, if youre lucky, glimpses of tigers, leopards or Asian black bears along the way. A rural ox cart ride through the surrounding rice fields or an elephant trek through the jungle will round out your adventure

    Damoen Saduak Floating Markets

    • A visit to the Damnoen Saduak floating markets gives you a peak into everyday life among the locals. Cruise along Bangkok canals and marshes in a narrow, long-tail motorboat, bypassing stilt Thai houses and mingling with local vendors selling delectable fruits, vegetables, meats and sweets from their rustic Thai canoes.

    Baipai Thai Cooking Class

    • If you love Thai food, you can learn how to prepare savory Thai dishes through a professional cooking class offered by the Baipai Thai Cooking School. This morning class provides hands-on experience in Thai cooking techniques, use of Thai ingredients and artistic presentation of Thai meals. All classes are taught in English by Thai professionals in the culinary arts field.


    • No visit to Bangkok is complete without an evening visit to Chinatown and the surrounding markets. Here youll uncover Bangkok old and new along with its many culinary delights. In Chinatown, there are literally hundreds of market stalls just waiting to be explored. From delectable seafood to savory Chinese cuisine, this area is well known for its fine dining and lively market atmosphere, making it well worth a leisurely visit.

    The Best Times To Visit

    Bangkok weather is generally hot all year round; however, some seasons are more conducive for visiting than others. November to April is considered the best time to visit to partake of dry, pleasant weather. Unfortunately, this is also tourist peak season and prices in the city are high. May to October is low season and prices are cheap, but youll be fighting through high temperatures and monsoon rains at this time.

    Festival Season Is A BIG DEAL In Bangkok, Plan Accordingly!

    Besides the weather, visitors often gauge their travels to align with Bangkok festivals. Songkran (the Thai New Year) held in April, Loi Krathong held in November and the Bangkok Countdown held in December all attract large crowds.

    Tips for Navigating Bangkok

    • A metropolis as busy as Bangkok is bound to be loud and confusing, but dont let this hinder you from enjoying your holidays. By getting a good map with city names in English and Thai, youll have an easier time locating the areas you want to visit. Opting for guided tours can also make for a more pleasant experience.

    Tips For Safe Travel In Bangkok

    • When shopping in local marketplaces, bartering is expected, but avoid confrontations by being personable and friendly when negotiating prices.
    • Thai heat requires that you drink plenty of water so make sure you have a supply of bottled water when you go out.
    • Be leery of scammers trying to lure you away from main attractions with special deals. Plan your stay in advance and as much as possible, stick to your plan to get the most from your visit.
    • Carry I.D with you at all times. A photocopy of your passport will do. A hotel card with Thai directions can also come in handy in case you get lost as youre about.