Explore Japan’s Unique Aspects During Your Holiday

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Add Date: 11.07.2019
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If you have ever read manga, eaten sushi or sipped sake, you may feel that you know something about the elegant archipelago of Japan that has almost 6800 volcanic islands. However, the moment you arrive in Japan, you will feel like having arrived on an alien planet. In Japan, prepare yourself to be pleasantly perplexed with the fascinating terrain where ancient culture and civilisation thrive with cutting edge technologies and modern fashions.

The high speed trains in Japan whisk you to different ends of the country with tremendous punctuality. In the suburbs, you can see a farmer nurturing his field, then, on the other side you can find yourself besides a video games parlour. One day you are picking the fashions designed by famous designers at the boutiques, the next you can relax in an outdoor hot spring pool, watching snowfall or cherry blossom.

So, if you are visiting Japan, you can experience a lot of things at the same time. Here are a few things that you must indulge in while on a holiday in Japan.

Visit Kyoto’s Ancient Sites 

Bathed in the history, Kyoto was the capital of Japan from 794 to 1868. Kinkakuji is the most iconic remnant of the imperial past of Kyoto. The Kinkakuji was once a retirement villa of shogun and now a Zen Buddhist temple. The temple is situated on the bank of a beautiful pond casting a reflection in the water. Kyoto has as many as 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and around 2000 temples and shrines sprawling across the city.

Overnight in a Temple 

The monk Kobo Daishi founded the Shingon School of Buddhism in the ninth century amid the ancient cedars of Mount Koya. Besides the primeval Okunoin cemetery, another highlight of the visit is the chance to stay with the monks at the mountaintop temples in the Koya.

Gallery Hop on “Art Island” 

The picturesque Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea has three major galleries and several smaller art avenues. This place is a standout on the contemporary art scene of Japan. The Tadao Ando-designed Benesse House is one of the best galleries and known for hosting the likes of famous artists like David Hockney, Frank Stella and Bruce Nauman.

Ski Niseko 

The Niseko is a small ski resort town and boasts of finest snowfall in the Japan. There are three major ski resorts: the Grand Hirafu/Hanazono, Niseko Village and, Niseko Annupuri. There are ample opportunities for telemark skiing, ice climbing and snowboarding. Summer can also be enjoyed at this place, as visitors can indulge in adventurous activities like white-water rafting, kayaking and mountain biking.

Experience Traditional Accommodation 

With a placid fragrance of tatami, the modest style of interiors, good services, the onsen, the multi-course meal compromising of seasonal produce, the serenity of the place combine together for an unforgettable experience of traditional accommodation at the Japanese Inn. The room and meals cannot be said cheap by any mean, as the cost may go to ¥100,000 per night.

There are many other unique aspects of Japan that you can enjoy while on a holiday in Japan. You can acquire plenty of knowledge and information about different aspects of Japan.